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One universal control unit 

diesel fuel injection pumps (common rail included),

for testing the electronically controlled 

programmable by microchip cards

manufactured by Bosch, Caterpillar, Delphi, Denso, Siemens and Zexel.

In diesel service centers, on any test bench for the calibration of the diesel fuel pumps. 

In engine remanufacturing workshops, for starting the engine on the test bench 

The application field

step-by-step evolution

ERT45R solution allows any diesel injection specialists to have the equivalent of numerous simulators in only one piece of equipment.  

Less maintenance costs, less learning costs, less time-lost.

At any time, the control unit can be upgraded to meet new evolving requirements, by simply adding the correspondent 

programming kit.

Step by step

The system is virtually unlimited, open through new operating kit that may be developed in the future.

Main benefits

The modularity of the system grants the option to implement custom solutions, built on the specialists' needs, in accordance with the current economical possibilities.

lower TCO 

(Total Cost of Ownership)

open to the future

smart investment 

The System Concept

  1. The Universal control unit, to be programmed by microchip cards 
  2. Ancillary equipment, depending of the technology group
  3. Specific operationals kits

Three essential levels:

Denso HP0

Denso HP3

Denso HP4

Three technology groups







Bosch CP1, CP1H

Bosch CP3

Bosch CP4


Bosch VE-EDC (1st generation - resitive)

Bosch VE-HDK (2nd generation - inductive)

Bosch P-EDC, H, M, R in-line pumps

Cummins XPI

Delphi DPC-N

Zexel Covec-T

Zexel Covec-F1/F2

Zexel VRZ

Delphi DFP1

Delphi DFP2



(heavy duty vechicles)

Bosch VP29/30 

Bosch VP44

Bosch VR30

Delphi DP210

Delphi DP310

Bosch CP2

Bosch CP3S

Bosch CP9

Denso VE-ECD-V3

Denso VE-ECD-V4

Denso VE-ECD-V5

 (commercial vehicles )

The innovation offered by the ERT45R exists in the capability to be an open tool, able to concentrate in a single piece of equipment more electronic control units (ECU) applied in the automotive industry, to read signals generated by several transducers and simulate controls on different actuators. To actuate this demand of flexibility, the control unit is equipped with smartcard reader (plastic cards with microchips).

For each type of pump a special smartcard (programming card), is provided in each specific operational kit. Only after entering the appropriate smart card, will the ERT45R load the reading and controlling procedures dedicated to the specific type of pump. Subsequently, using the proper basic cable, the simulator is ready to be connected to the pump to be tested.

Center of the system is the control unit ERT45R, designed to be easily programmed, according the type of pump to be tested.

The center of the system

The universal control unit is provided with an intuitive and versatile interface, to assist the operator along the different control stages.

On the high resolution LCD informative and operative pages are displayed depending on the software handling the injection pump.

The operator is assisted by clear and easy to understand messages.

For these pumps is necessary to synchronize the digital control of the injection with the angular position of the pump cam shaft.

This unique system has to be applied independently from the used test bench.

The solution delivers accuracy of 0.1 degrees for precise control of injection and the accurate timing of the injection pump.

Depending on the technology group to which the pump belongs, the control unit may require ancillary equipment. 

These additional external devices are designed to be applied on all the pumps of the same group, therefore, configuration kits are available, for the specific interface.

Ancillary equipment






No ancillary equipment is required.

Common rail pump testing requires a continuous flow meter to determinate the pump efficiency and flow-rate.

Heavy duty applications require an higher class equipment.

  • Smart card (plastic card equipped with microchip for the automatic programming of the simulator) 


  • Basic cable to connect the simulator


  • Adapter cable or set of adapter cables to interface the electric plugs on the pump.


  • Illustrated step by step manual to shows how to use the specific functions for any pump type.


  • Test data

The control unit needs one operational kit at least, which includes all the components required to the ERT45R system on the specific application.

Specific operational kit

my configuration

Check the available programming kit and configure the ERT45R control unit as you need.

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